NashvilleNext Campaign

Nashville’s Metro Council was seeking a way to get community input into what Nashville could look like in the year 2040. By getting community support, the council could create legislation to help support the growing area as to where roads, transit, housing and commercial centers could be built or changed to make a more affordable, accessible and safe community to live in. This campaign was titled: “NashvilleNext” and had several phases.

Object: This phase was the fourth of five phases developed for the campaign. Our task was to create materials that would be attention-getting and accessible to all people living in Davidson County in order for them to submit their feedback on four proposed plans that would affect their neighborhood.

The advertising for this phase of the campaign was: All right, Nashville. It’s time to pick. It included children picking flowers, picking a guitar, and lastly picking their nose. The advertising canvased the neighborhoods on bus signage, coffee houses, and community centers.

Result: The graphics did create controversy, but that was part of the goal- it got people talking. The goal was reached: 18,500 participants submitted their feedback and a plan was selected and approved.