CSX: NFTA Conference 2013

CSX invites clients and potential clients to the yearly NFTA Conference to share their services and offerings.

As part of the conference, CSX provides a themed dinner. For this conference, the theme was Mad Men 1940’s era, and featured a jaguar car to sit in for photos, 1940’s music and retro themed giveaways.

Object: To create materials to support the dinner theme at the 2013 NFTA Conference.

The materials we created were to support the themed dinner and included posters, and graphics that went on a small container of chocolates, lipstick and hairgel (stickers were created to replicate a 1940’s product label). Some of the items were similar to the concepts and clients represented on the Mad Men drama.

Result: A happy client and a successful event. We were requested to work again on the following year’s conference materials.