CSX: NFTA Conference 2015

Object: At the annual NFTA conference, CSX had an opportunity to thank their customers, clients and supporters with dinner and entertainment. The 2015 theme for was Magic: Art in Motion. The print invitation revealed the theme, and materials at the event helped support the theme.

Result: A variety of materials were created for the event. The invitation was especially unique: We printed four clear plastic sheets that were grommeted together so when it was closed, you could see parts of the other plastic printed cards. Each plastic piece was printed in a different color and word. The last panel was printed on white card stock and had information on the event and how to register. It was then mailed in a #10 silver metallic envelope.

The additional materials supported the theme using the colors, type and design elements of the invitation.

CSX NFTA Conference 2015 Invitation
CSX NFTA Conference 2015 Event Materials: Table Signage, Event Program, Web Banner